Gates Institute Projects Collaborate on Data for Decision Making Workshops in Kenya

As a part of a series of Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020 (PMA2020) data utilization workshops, PMA2020 teamed up with The Challenge Initiative (TCI) and Advance Family Planning (AFP) in Kenya to host joint workshops in Nairobi and Eldoret this March.

The workshops presented family planning data to key stakeholders — including national Ministry of Health representatives, county health officers, and NGO implementing partners — to encourage data use for making policy and programmatic decisions. Professor Peter Gichangi, Principal Investigator for PMA2020 in Kenya, exposed participants to the PMA2020 survey data collected, how to interpret these data, and how to use data for policymaking and programmatic work in practical ways. 

Participants at the workshop devised clear plans and next steps for utilizing PMA2020 data to serve the needs of family planning stakeholders in Kenya. For example, county governments and partners supporting county-level family planning Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) development have agreed to partner with PMA2020 to inform the finalization of these plans and develop means for tracking progress toward meeting the counties goals. Participants also discussed writing case studies of successful data use for decision-making to share best practices and lessons learned.

In addition to the core PMA2020 survey data, other data sources were shared, including: PMA Agile, Kenya Demographic and Health Surveys, and DHIS2 to show how relevant data complement each other and can help provide a clear picture of the family planning context in Kenya. The teams used the opportunity to evaluate the data critically within the family planning situation across counties in Kenya, helping participants identify key issues for evidence-based advocacy and program interventions. 

The following week, TCI hosted a Master Training of Coaches and Trainers in Kampala, Uganda, to review its latest toolkit focused on Adolescent & Youth Sexual & Reproductive Health (AYSRH). PMA2020 presented AYSRH data for Uganda, and AFP walked participants through their SMART Advocacy approach as it relates to adolescent sexual and reproductive health. 

Photo: Dr. Yoonjoung "YJ" Choi, Deputy Director of PMA2020, joins participants in the Kenya workshop.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 13:45