Gates Institute Continues to Implement Principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-racism and Equity (IDARE)

The Gates Institute (GI) is committed to upholding the collective responsibilities outlined in the Public Health Code of Ethics while meeting the needs of the populations we serve. We will continue our work to actively uncover and address racism, oppression, and discrimination within Gates Institute and the systems, institutions, and partnerships in which we operate. This commitment requires unlearning prejudices and biases and understanding the disparities affecting the populations with which we work as well as transparency and accountability throughout these efforts.

Efforts began with a Director’s Message to the community challenging the field to acknowledge the biases within the system and address them head on. The institute then required Implicit Bias and Discrimination Trainings for all GI staff and additional courses for GI’s Leadership Team and all managers. Additionally, the Crucial Conversations series was launched allowing the entire institute to speak openly about the diversity, equity and inclusion issues that exist within our organization, community, partnerships, and institutions. Gates Institute worked in coordination with the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health historian to create a lecture series designed to dig into these areas of our history in order to help us better navigate the way forward. This series was open to the entire JHSPH community and well attended by many across the School.

Currently, the Gates Institute is undergoing a strategy refresh to ensure the elements of IDARE continue to be at the forefront of all activities within and connected to the systems, institutions, and partnerships in which the Gates Institute operates. GI remains committed to continuing to actively uncover and address racism, oppression, and discrimination.

Monday, May 24, 2021 - 17:45