Assiut University

Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

Grant Period:  September 2006 - December 31, 2013

This partnership is not active.

Goal: To provide the Provincial Ministry of Health (MOHP) with well trained, physician-leaders in the area of reproductive health.  To achieve this objective, the program contained the following components:  


  1. Develop and provide a portfolio of in-service training;
  2. Update/enhance current MPH curriculum with emphasis on RH and establish a Diploma Certificate Program in RH
  3. Award the Fathalla Scholarships to candidates in the public health program in all level of training


  1. Faculty development in research through small grants
  2. Strengthen department's training environment with supported sabbatical for enhanced professional development of junior faculty and mid-career staff to JHSPH/Gates Institute


  1. Organized Regional Conferences to disseminate research findings to regional health professionals including MOHP leadership, Public Health personnel, physician colleagues, and other colleagues.
  2. Disseminate research findings at international conferences and submit manuscripts to peer reviewed journals.

Assiut's collaboration with the Gates Institute has leveraged additional partnerships and strengthened relationships with the Population Council, Population Reference Bureau (PRB), UNFPA, Save the Children, and the Ministry of Health. These relationships have garnered additional funds to conduct research on sexual and reproductive health of married adolescent girls in Upper Egypt; an intervention study with Save the Children on integrating early childhood development activities into MCH and increased immunization services in Upper Egypt; and with UNFPA for secondary data analysis.  

Since 2006, the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Assuit University successfully developed a a Certificate Program in Reproductive Health, a Masters  in Demography and Reproductive Health, and most recently, a PhD in Reproductive Health.  Assiut has continued to champion the professional development of its young cadre of faculty and is well positioned to tackle the reproductive health challenges in the Assiut Governorate and beyond.

Principal Contact:
Dr. Omaima El-Gibaly, Professor (

Department of Public Health and Community Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University
Assiut, Upper Egypt