Isata Munu, MBA

Grants and Contracts Analyst
(410) 502-0694

Isata Munu is a Grants and Contracts Analyst for JHSPH (Gates Institute- PMA/Anchor team). Isata comes with a wealth of institutional knowledge of John Hopkins University, as she is transferring from the School of Advance International Studies (SAIS), where she managed budget, operation, programming, curricula, communications, development, and executed events for four academic programs.
Prior to joining the Asia Programs, Isata worked at the Homewood campus with the Bloomberg School of Physics and Astronomy, the Berman Institute of Bioethics, as well as, SAIS’s International Development Program. Before joining John Hopkins University in 2016, Isata worked for several local state, financial, and nonprofit agencies in supervisory capacities.  She has a diverse background, having earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management and Minor in Human Resource Management from Morgan State University, and her Master in Business Administration (and Minor in Health Administration) from Washington Adventist University. She speaks Krio/ Patois (as she is a native of Sierra Leone) and has studied Arabic and French.